ROWEM, Signed a memorandum of understanding with Kukkiwon for integrated platform service business

ROWEM announced on the 17th that signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Kukkiwon to promote the \Taekwondo Global DT (Digital Transformation) Platform Business'. Kukkiwon is preparing the next-generation Taekwondo DT (Digital Transformation) platform to provide a new future of Taekwondo and various opportunities for Korean culture. ROWEM decided to cooperate with each other by supporting differentiated infrastructure and technologies such as Database. Through this project, Kukkiwon is expected to further elevate its status as the master country of Taekwondo and to be reborn as the World Taekwondo headquarters encompassing the world. ROWEM, a global integrated authentication platform company, is planning to launch ‘PASSIKEY’, an All-in-One authentication app worldwide. Meanwhile, 'STARPASS', a global star fandom app jointly working with SBS Medianet and Invision Friendship. Has been attracting global fandom.

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