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Authentication·Payment·Cashback all at once...ROWEM's simple authentication solution, 'PASSIKEY'

#Jeong Ga-eun (35, female who lives in Seocho-dong, Seoul, made a payment at four banks because it was a card payment day, and made a reservation for a year-end travel package. She also did her Black Friday shopping on an overseas direct purchase site. She said that just one login was enough for Jung to use the services of the sites and make payments. This story is only virtual storage and is expected to become a reality soon. Everyone has imagined at least once in a convenient world where users can log in to websites around the world and make payments easily without language barriers or complicated authentication procedures. Thanks to \PASSIKEY', a simple authentication solution from ROWEM, an integrated authentication platform company, that dream is expected to become a reality soon.   End of worries about phishing and hacking, strong security verified by financial institutions   In Korea, defeating is already commercialized in financial institutions such as Shinhan Bank, KB Securities, Hyundai Insurance, Yuanta Securities, and Meritz Securities. In fact, the integrated authentication service that was conveniently used in the financial company's app was PASSIKEY's logic. Compared to a simple integrated login service through a portal site, it is much simpler and differs from the essence of not retaining personal information. Defeating allows users to use all services from authentication to payment and cashback without having to go through complicated authentication procedures at multiple sites linked with a four-digit password, face recognition, or fingerprint authentication set by the user. The core of this technology is a substitution algorithm in which the 16-digit substituted value is stored as a hash value for each service even if a user uses the same password in multiple services. It is a patented technology that generates different passwords at the same time. Because of this, security is also strong. Many sites linked to passkey do not have to worry about phishing or hacking attacks. It is a simple authentication solution that satisfies both simplicity and safety to defeat, and its excellence has already been recognized overseas. In 2018, it was registered as an official member of the Silicon Valley Telecom Council in the United States. ROWEM is the third Korean company to became an official member of the Telecom Council after Samsung and LG. Tae-ho An, CEO of ROWEM, expressed his expectations, saying, “As an authentication hub that gathers various services to defeat, it will be reborn as an innovative service that uses 1.7 billion sites around the world simply and safely with one password.” PASSIKEY is actually well-received by the American press, and ROWEM is holding non-face-to-face conferences with members of leading news agencies. STARPASS app implemented in certified technology entertainment field   In 2018, ROWEM developed ‘STARPASS’, a global star fandom app service that applied some of the authentication technologies to the entertainment field for the first time. Through this, users from about 184 countries around the world are participating in various votes such as music broadcasting programs. An average of 67 million votes are being cast every week, and the cumulative number of votes this year is 2 billion. Due to the text voting manipulation case that became a problem recently, STARPASS, a PASSIKEY solution that has been verified in the financial sector, has attracted more attention. In fact, the number of users from 2 million at the beginning of the year is now 4.5 million, showing rapid growth. STARPASS is a global K-pop fandom platform where people around the world can support their stars in various ways through collaboration with domestic music broadcasters. It provides various services such as ranking voting of K-pop stars and reward events to global fans around the world who love K-pop. CEO An said, “The purpose of the business is to discover and nurture.” He said, “It is to become another stepping stone for leading global K-pop by discovering stars by a voluntary fandom without the intervention of huge capital.” To this end, we entered into a strategic business alliance with SBS Medianet Co., Ltd. and Invision Friendship Co., Ltd. and discussed providing high-quality content from each company through STARPASS. In addition, it has decided to cooperate closely in promoting domestic and overseas business, focusing on broadcasting content and mobile platform, and foretells a step-by-step service upgrade of STARPASS. ROWEM is planning a new global expansion with an ALL-IN-ONE service that can do everything with one finger. It is expected that the unification of internet world will be achieved by connecting 1.7 billion sites around the world.