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'The Show' is expanding global channel coverage.'

Expectations from global fans are increasing as SBS MTV 'The Show' is planning to expand its global channel coverage. The Show, which was previously broadcasted live in 18 MTV Asia countries, will expand to Russia and Europe, where K-pop is growing in popularity. The Show’s coverage will greatly expand as it will be broadcasted in 15 MTV Asia regions including Japan's TBS channel, 4 MTV Russia regions, MTV Hits France and 65 other regions totaling up to 86 regions. Not only domestic fans but also global fans can participate in the ranking vote, which will determine the true trend of K-pop. Early and Live voting will bring a keen competition. Through “STARPASS” APP, Early Voting will be available from February 26 and Live Voting will be available on March 2. Meanwhile, 'The Show' is preparing to bring new look. A new MC will be joining. Spectacular stage and diverse contents will allow viewers to meet their favorite K-pop Stars more vividly. "The Show" will be broadcast simultaneously on SBS MTV and SBS FiL channels at 6 p.m. on March 2 (Tuesday). (Photo courtesy of SBS)