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A free certification service PASSIKEY, is drawing attention as Korean public certificates being abolished.

PASSIKEY of Rowem, with world-class authentication technology, has a fourth-class security level that enables the principles of two-channel two-factor, OTP and certificates all at once. In particular, unlike other certificates, Rowem\s technology does not store the user's personal information on the server or anywhere else.

Therefore, no information is exposed even if attacked by phishing or hacking. About 30 percent of the 1.7 billion sites worldwide use two-channel two-factor authentication, which includes OTP and public certificates. The cost of maintaining this security certification is about 600 trillion won per year.

However, PASSIKEY offers an exceptional service that enables two-channel two-factor authentication to be free. Being able to minimize expenditure on certification service for public institutions and companies, PASSIKEY is surely drawing attentions.