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[press release]Rowem’s Oneshot Pad to be Adopted by Shinhan Investment for Shinhan i-alpha Service

- Easily memorable four-digit password for maximum convenience and usability

-  Two-channel-two-factor authentication for powerful security and scalability

ROWEM, an integrated authentication platform developer (CEO Ahn Taeho, announced on February 8 that the company would provide Oneshot Pad for Shinhan i-alpha service, a mobile trading system of Shinhan Investment (CEO Kang Dae-seok).

Oneshot Pad is a simple authentication solution that enables easy login for users, and has been particularly well received in the financial industry. By adopting Oneshot Pad, Shinhan Investment expects that customers would be able to use a simple four-digit password, instead of long and complex keys required for certificate of authentication.

Shinhan Investment has always put top priority on customer value, and has provided cutting-edge services in line with the latest IT and mobile trends to meet evolving customer needs. With the new solution, the company expects customers to be free of stress of memorizing complicated passwords. Also, the quick and easy authentication and convenient mechanism of Oneshot Pad is expected to strengthen competitiveness of Shinhan Investment in terms of usability and customer-oriented services.

“The strongest advantage of Oneshot Pad is powerful security combined with a simple four-digit password. It doesn’t matter whether other people know your password, or whether others use the same password. When a user uses a four-digit password, it is automatically converted to different numbers and dispersed on the system for safe storage. Even if a password is leaked or attacked by malicious virus, the actual encoded password remains safe and secure.”